Sunday thru Thursday 12PM to 11:59PM
Friday & Saturday 10AM to 11:59PM

We’re Hiring!

Wildwood Famous Cookie Creamery is a new shop on the Wildwood Boardwalk that offers fresh-baked cookies and premium ice cream. We are a partnership of two Philadelphia icons: Famous 4th Street Cookie Company and Bassetts Ice Cream Company.

Famous 4th Street Cookie Company has been baking delicious cookies for over 40 years. Our cookies are soft, chewy and loaded with chocolate chips. Bassetts Ice Cream Company has been making creamy ice cream for over 150 years. Our ice cream is rich, smooth and made with natural ingredients.

At Wildwood Famous Cookie Creamery, you can enjoy our cookies and ice cream in many ways. You can have a cookie sandwich with your favorite ice cream flavor in between. You can have a cookie sundae with ice cream, whipped cream and toppings on top. Or you can take home a box of cookies and a pint of ice cream.

No matter how you like your cookies and ice cream, you’ll find something to satisfy your sweet tooth at Wildwood Famous Cookie Creamery. Come visit us today at 2400 Boardwalk and taste the difference.